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Sunglasses Mogul Selling Hawaiian Oasis for $7.5M

Kaua’i is home to some of the best surf breaks in the world

Something low-key, a house in Hawaii dwarfed by pristine ocean views in all directions and the hypnotic drumbeat of crashing waves, was for decades Larry Leight’s fantasy.

“For like 20 years, every year I’d go to Kaua’i and I’d always go for a drive by the botanical gardens for some Zen,” said Mr. Leight, founder of high-end luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, recalling the yearning he felt as he drove past the private homes along Lawai Road. “I used to always comment on what would it be like to own a house like that… It was something I always dreamed of.”

An avid surfer, Mr. Leight saved up for his first trip to the Hawaiian Islands from his hometown of Los Angeles when he was 18, and recalls shaking with excitement as he stepped foot in Maui. He returned to the state as often as he could and finally, in 2008, after selling Oliver Peoples to Oakley, the sunglass mogul made good on his dream and bought a three-bedroom house in Poipu, Kaua’i, off of Michael Hoban, co-creator of North Beach Leathers.

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