Sirois Featured Listing

Single Family Home
3 beds | 4 baths | 2,218sqft
$875,000 | Fee Simple

Cassady, Peter and I applaud 2016’s double digit nudge beyond 2015 data. The solid 10% increase in both sales and volume felt right and reflected the island’s stable and improving trend lines. Total island wide sales of 1,109 units across volume of $856,218,219 places last year just below 2004 levels (1,635 and $929,000,000). While the data is specific, we say that the market is on the move. Any combination of new, priced right and/or amenitized property has eye balls on it. If Buyers can’t secure homes or condos to suit, they quickly pivot to land. Witness Poipu’s 228% surge with 23 first quarter land closings. Buyers are more diverse than prior years hailing from markets well beyond the predictable NorCal and SoCal zip codes.

Quick Q’ 01 2017 Fact Check

Graphic Image of 'Quick Q '01 2017 Fact Check

Great start to 2017 with more inventory in the works at all price points and a County Planning Department with an awareness on working with the private sector to make housing a priority.



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