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Up early and we’re off! It’s onto our next adventure before dawn…

Now you know why most residents on Kauai get to bed before 10pm.  Why waste a minute of daylight when there’s just so much to do?  This time we’re close to home enjoying the pre-dawn moments at Kukuiula Bay. The Kukuiula Huaka‘i Outfitters team awaits us at the water’s edge, having prepared for us all of the morning’s kayak gear.

Our guests on this trip came from afar and are staying at the Club Cottages at Kukuiula. They’ve returned for the second time because they appreciate the understated spirit of the place and the warmth of the staff and members. There’s nothing fussy here, but rather a relaxed sensibility. That’s the beauty of it. Kauai is far enough away from everything to maintain its own culture and to consciously preserve and protect its environment and resources.  As we push off into the clear water and look down the coast, an awareness of these priorities has assured our small group of an exceptional pre-breakfast experience.

With a slight tradewind blowing at our backs, our kayaks easily navigate past Spouting Horn, the southshore’s landmark blow hole. Within minutes we’ve pulled into the sandy bay known as Lawai Kai, a sanctuary, and, for good reason. The revered National Tropical Botanical Garden stands beyond in a glorious valley unto itself cultivating and saving some of the rarest plants on the planet as well as protecting this beautiful white sand bottom bay from commercialism.

The paddle back was against the trades requiring considerably more effort. Thankfully the Huaka’i team gave us kayaks with pedals – brilliant! Turtles swam up alongside as if to say “Good Morning”, and by the time we reached the beach, we were all completely satisfied.

Time for breakfast omelets on the lanai at The Club at Kukuiula – vegetables and fruit sourced from Kukuiula’s own community farm, fresh island juice and a staff that embodies the aloha spirit.  We’re already settled into the rest of the day with complete contentment and it’s only 10am, leaving 11 more hours of exploration and rejuvenation until another early bedtime.


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